New Event Format


Updated: May 23, 2020

Still want to compete in Femsport? Need to hold on to that Femsport goal? We’re listening to both athletes and health officials and have some exciting news to share!

We’ve been working diligently, putting together a new format for our events to accommodate this unique circumstance we find ourselves in. Even though some of the Femsport events have been postponed, rescheduled or uncertain, we have come up with a back-up plan. Keeping in mind, first and foremost, the COVID -19 situation and respecting the safety of others.

Once we have confirmed dates and venues (which will be very soon) we will be moving forward with the following format:

  • There will be no athlete registration/orientation meeting day prior to event.
  • Only 2 – 4 athletes competing within a one (1) hour time slot
  • Athletes will be booked into time slots by Femsport administration.
  • Athletes will perform all disciplines back-to-back within (1) hour with significant rest between disciplines.
  • Athletes will arrive at their designated time and leave as soon as they have completed all disciplines.

The following necessary steps will be enforced to ensure the safety of athletes, staff & volunteers as recommended by health officials:

  • Absolute minimum number of staff/volunteer on site.
  • No spectators!
  • Athletes, judges and staff are required to sign a COVID-19 questionnaire prior to participating.
  • Athletes, judges and staff will remain two (2) meters apart at all times.
  • There will be a designated ‘holding area’ for each athlete during competition.
  • Athletes must wear own workout gloves fully covering hands.
  • All competition equipment and surfaces will be disinfected by staff immediately after use.
  • Athlete ‘holding area’ will be disinfected by staff after each athlete’s use.
  • Athletes are responsible for disinfecting their own belongings and removing their own garbage.
  • Hand washing station will be provided on location.
  • No handshakes, high-fives, fist pumps.
  • No sharing of food or drinks.

Entry fees will be reduced to $89 + gst for all participants. Those who have already registered will receive a refund for the difference of original entry fee paid.
We anticipate there will be a few bumps along the way and things may change as we step into this new competitive structure, but with your patience and support we are confident we can work together as a team for a successful and safe experience.
So…there ya go. Make plans, keep training, stay safe and we’ll see you soon!

Nancy Lockington
Femsport President